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Welcome to the city of dreams, the one that never fails to surprise. Welcome to BANGALORE, the place where all your desires are met. Just like NYC, BANGALORE needs no formal introduction. If you are looking for an outlet to vent out all your stress and indulge in a world of unmatched pleasures, escorts in BANGALORE are what you need. We promise to give you an outlet of supreme satisfaction, the one that will leave you wanting for more. It is the kind of fun that will resonate with your conscience for ages. We are talking about fulfilling all types of fantasies, the kind that will help you get refreshed all thanks to our finest call girls. These come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a fetish for Indians, Italians, Germans, innocent college girls from around the world, Russians, Chinese or Koreans. You name it and we have it

BANGALORE call girls are your answer if you are in mood for a little pillow fight or something that will get you through the trauma and stress that surrounds your professional life. Our escorts are known to share gifts, the one that will give you a different type of high. This place welcomes you to a world of exotic exquisiteness, the kind that will leave you wanting for more. Think no more, go ahead and take the leap of faith and indulge in the highest level of contentment that is beyond ones imagination. Every second spent with our escorts will help you rediscover life. Call girls in BANGALORE are what people are lusting for.

We provide specialised and fine-looking girls of all types for your ultimate pleasure and enjoyment throughout the BANGALORE area including, Mysore , Central Area. The escorts in BANGALORE and Call girls in BANGALORE provided by us are known to be naughty with an element of fun! We are known to put in plenty of efforts in selecting the best dolls for our Client.

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Largest chain of VIP escorts in Bangalore.

We welcome you to our agency and we hope to deliver countless gratifying experiences with our VIP escorts in BANGALORE. So just sit back, relax and let us take you on a definitive tour of our sizzling escorts. We urge you to take your own sweet time to explore this lovely online boudoir! Please do not hesitate to call us or write to us if you have any queries about the quality of service or other important questions that awaits our inputs. We promise to do our best to answer all your queries by arranging for a phone call or an email response. We check emails regularly but sometimes it might be better if you just call, especially if you are looking for a booking in the next few hours. When emailing please provide as much information as you can about the proposed booking.

We are in the business of providing genuine and trustworthy celebrity escorts in BANGALORE, the one where the fun never ends. Our service is known for supplying some of the most beautiful female companions / escorts in BANGALORE. The one that will help you engage in a one of a kind experience. Our girls are passionate about being a true companion. Our Russian female escorts in BANGALORE are addicted and just cannot live without an alpha male. With a workout body comprising of soft and smooth curves, one simply cannot deny the fact that money can indeed buy happiness. You and the pretty lady can together enjoy several postures that can ensure unimaginable level of bliss.

Our high Class Escorts Service in BANGALORE will make you feel like a man. We are known to provide girls that have a tendency of connecting with you in the friendliest manner. It is more like talking to your BFF. We have the most exquisite house wives who can make you feel like home. It doesn’t matter if you are inexperienced; they will teach you any and everything about the art of making love. College girls, genuine models, zero size ultra slim to sexy all star Air-Hostesses who are keen on making extra cash. BANGALORE girls also include working women from the most popular multinational companies. They are all waiting for the one who can satisfy their needs and have no strings attached.

Do not hesitate to ask for pictures, we have in-house photographers who are specialised in clicking pictures of our girls in the most artistic way. Ever wondered what it’s like to enjoy a one night stand in the most luxurious hotels in BANGALORE? Hop onboard and we shall teach you how to make new friends.

Our BANGALORE Escort are no less than queens, the ones that are well educated and can speak fluent English. They are completely cooperative and are willing to visit your hotel rooms all over BANGALORE. Area is not an issue. Our sensual Escorts in BANGALORE can easily make you go gaga and keep coming back for more. We are in the business of satisfaction for past 10 years and have projected a growth of more than 65% in the next five years.

Our services include full body to body sex that aims at providing complete satisfaction. Our Russian Escort in BANGALORE are also willing to give you lip to lip kiss, French kiss, worry free protection, positional sex service, girls who are willing to try out new things and experiment with their sensuality. If you are one of those who like orgasms, we also specialise in providing the ones who are experienced in making you shiver with orgasms.

For the ones who enjoy hanging out with bhabis or have a craving for voluptuous milky women, we have just the thing for you. Weekdays, weekends, it doesn’t matter. For us it is all the same. Our Escort in BANGALORE ensure that everyone moves out of the door with a smiling face. While other escort services in BANGALORE only care about getting the work done, we believe in going an extra mile and getting a delight out of the services. Our specialties include: • In and out call in BANGALORE • 3 to 7 Star hotel service • Hygienic and fully air conditioned rooms 24/7 • Daily new escorts staff available • A wide array of escorts with all shapes and sizes

Escorts in Bangalore

Talk of ideal requirements; we are sure that most of us tend to have developed a certain level of expectations when it comes to finding a dream companion. While there might be endless traits that one must be looking for, we are certain that being desirable, adorable in looks, having irresistible body and most importantly being awesome in bed are amongst the top 10. Being an amazing lover is more like a quality that can only outshine if you have the right partner. That is where our escorts in Bangalore come in the picture.

Sexy as a quality is not for everyone. It is more like a luxury that only a few can afford. Our girls qualify for sexy level 10000; which means, you will not opt for any other agency once you associate with us. Bangalore call girls provided by us will leave an everlasting mind on your mind and your little soldier, leaving you wanting for more.

In order to maintain a fixed standard when it comes to quality, we at Paid Sex Club train our escorts on regular basis. We also get call girls from around the world who shares their experience and best practices to help keep the ball rolling. This is just a little something that we do to help keep our celebrity escorts in Bangalore on their toes. Speaking of Bangalore, the first thing that comes to our minds is independent women with high earning potential and a pleasing capacity of a tigress. That is what our company is always on the lookout for, which is finding an ideal lady who is a working woman during the daytime, but a naughty hooker by night. These independent escorts in Bangalore come in premium and supreme options all wrapped in one with a ribbon on it for you to explore the delicacy slowly and steadily.

Ask yourself a few questions:

1. Do you want to have some fun?

If the answer is yes, then Paid Sex Club is the answer that you are looking for, expect the unexpected when it comes to our independent escorts in Bangalore. We have been satisfying the lonely nights of hundreds of tech savvy lonely men who are looking for infinite fun. Our services are recognised at international level as well where NRIs who are willing to spend in dollars are supplied with call girls from Bangalore of premium most quality. We are the best in business when it comes to supplying college going girls, models, VIP escorts, house wives and more. Your wish is our command.

2. Why opt for Paid Sex Club services in Bangalore?

We have an array of options within our catalogue all depending upon the demands of our customers. These includes traits like skin complexion, waist size, religion, zero sized model overall, one with huge boobs, ass that has a picture perfect shape and the gap between the thighs that is capable of giving you the fun that you are looking for in the right quantity. We are the only ones who give dress code options to our clients with picture options that you can view and accordingly select the one as per your preference. This is an exclusive Paid Sex Club initiative to give you dress options. This is merely to keep build up with the excitement level and finally went it all on the bed.

3. Why do you think our services are in demand?

May it be a bachelorette party or something that you are organising among friends just to have a breather, our call girls in Bangalore have the capability to take you to Nirvana, a place that has an altogether a different kind of high. They are open of any and every innovative idea that one has in mind when it comes to the art of seduction. We have trained our girls to reciprocate to the individual feelings of men in order to give a personalised service. Some might be new to having such a cozy encounter, which is where we take up the responsibility to make them feel like home.

4. Looking for ease of accessibility?

All you have to do is reach out to us either by giving a missed call or pinging us on whatsapp by giving us the specific requirements including the details such as your preferred type of escort, how much time you will need the service for, the exact date and you can be rest assured that your desired partner will reach you without any hassles. It will reach you just the way you have had imagined.

Here’s an introduction of one of our call girls in Bangalore just to give you a little sneak peek.

Hey everyone, my name is HEENA KHAN and I reside in Bangalore. I am that dream hooker that you have been looking for. I have something for everyone. For me the only requirement is to be able to freely explore the possible pleasing options. I am known for making my partner comfortable before getting in the sheets. My way of doing it is by getting high of flavoured vodka and cuddling around till we are warm enough to hit the bed. I am one of the most demanded call girls in Bangalore and one thing I can very well assure you that it doesn’t matter what your likings are, as a love making machine, I can very well satisfy even a race horse for that matter. Look no further, if I am available, hit the button and ask for my pictures. Trust me when I say this, you will not regret indulging in an intercourse with me, you're truly (HEENA KHAN).

We are certain that the above introduction is more than enough to judge our level of authenticity.


Are you ready to make your stay in Bangalore a pleasurable one? Well, escorts in BANGALORE provided by none other than Paid Sex Club can easily outshine the rest. These are capable of providing a delightful trip, the kind that you would have never imagined. These independent call girls in Bangalore are particularly skilled to be more than just regular accomplices; they master the art of seduction. Are you feeling lonely? Are you longing to find a lap to comfortably lay your head on to? How about unlimited fun with our high-class Russian Escorts in Bangalore?

It does not matter how delicate your heart is. We are in the business of creating pleasure trips that can go a long way. No matter how sensitive ones heart is, our escort services in Bangalore can strike the right chord in the most effective way. Don’t hold your lust; flaunt your manhood, because our girls are capable of taking it. No alpha male or an amateur first timer will ever go unsatisfied. Our associates can give you the best deal in town. They will keep in mind all your likings and deliver the best ones who can undeniably be termed as your ideal BFFs. These independent escorts are the ones who have made the most of their irresistible skills to lure men of all types. Our company has created a colossal impact and has left a huge mark in the world of escorts to in turn be known as one of the best in town when it comes to satisfaction

Hailing from the prosperous and well-informed foundation, all our VIP Escorts in Bangalore have their own specialty. Our escorts are available across all social media platforms who can indulge in seductive conversation just before the big night. Anyone and everyone who wishes to enjoy or seeks to avail an exceptionally clear-cut progression that can give you a chance to get horny and turned on can contact us. We will get you connected to the relevant escorts in Bangalore who match your traits within no time. When the initial get-together between you and the High profile Escorts in Bangalore is arranged, we also allow our clients to exchange numbers with the seductress seated on the other side of the table.

Our escorts in Bangalore easily stand out from the rest that is other providers from different parts of India. It is never a hassle to connect with us. Finding a girl might seem to be a task that is still achievable; however, the most exhausting mission is to find a girl who can have you believe that God is a woman, the one who can take the complete control of all your sexual desires and multiply it by 1000. No matter how classy your choice is, it is a proven fact that the traits of our girls have seen men fall like dominos. Celebrity escorts in Bangalore are our major attractions. These are the ones who have worked with the leading men of our entertainment industry and have experienced what it is like to be the one who calls the shots. One can rightly term them as artists, as these are no less than a magician who knows to play the right cards and come up with the most fascinating tricks of them all. These hail from respectable families and hence are aware of the fact that soft skills can go a long way. This is the main reason as to why our call girls in Bangalore are able to manage their clients exceptionally well.

Mostly the ones who are disappointed in their sexual life are the ones who seek our services; Russian escorts in Bangalore are pretty much known to please in such cases. We are in the business of providing extremely charming young ladies making sure that you will find a blissful companionship in their presence. Every young lady provided by us has a unique trait and can offer a certain USP that is attached to their nature and is exclusive to that particular lady only.

Every young high profile model Call Girl in Bangalore provided by us is of the highest quality and is great inside as well as outside the bed. It can be the sensual embrace with unlimited flow of fluid, sexual back massage, exceptional kisses, 69 positions or any other move which is requested by you; one can be rest assured that all the above will be performed with extreme finesse and that it will give you the feeling of heaven on earth. They have a tendency of playing and having fun with each one of their clientele with the exotic and professional approach expecting the same from their male accomplices furthermore. They essentially want their clients to utilise them as a machine that is capable of unlimited grinding in bed.

Currently there is no reason to stress at all as we Paid Sex Club have a colossal abundance of female performers who are highly skilled in the art of seduction. Dejection will soon have a new name, which is Paid Sex Club providing the most exquisite escorts in Bangalore, may is be a college girl, a woman with huge goods, a bhabhi with an added fun quotient or simply the one who is shy and is willing to take it slow. To enjoy the unending fondling and lactating tits that can keep the juices flowing end to end, all you have to do is contact the best escort services in town. Contact us, Paid Sex Club- Bangalore Escorts. Who says money can’t buy happiness. We have all the right reasons to prove the otherwise.

Here is an open challenge to all the agencies out there, and to all the wolves that are capable of eating a girl alive. Visit our site, and try out our girls, if you find a better option than the one that we provide, we will for sure give you a free pass to enjoy our celebrity escorts as per your convenience. So, what are you waiting for, call us today.


Are you new to Bangalore? Want to explore the scenic beauty of the land of the wealthy? Mind you, by scenic beauty we mean mesmerising escorts of Bangalore, the ones which are capable of imprinting colourful memories which are full of pleasure.

If you have been here many times and are up for something interesting, look no further, as we are all that you need. We are in the business of gifting our clients a stunning as hell, yet smooth as silk companion, the one that is capable of leaving a fine memory of nothing but thongs and lingerie. Our Bangalore Escorts are milkier than ever, all you need to do is take the initiative and you will find your hands full of boobs, pussy and everything that you ever wanted.

Also, if you are looking for someplace special where you can take or meet one of our dazzling Bangalore Escorts, then we can easily arrange a visit to one of the best luxurious Five Star Hotels which can give you a completely new high. Imagine overlooking beautiful Bangalore with a gorgeous girl in skirts comforting you and letting you play with her goods, that is what our call girls in Bangalore are capable of.

Our specialty is providing exceptional premium class hot and sexy Indian as well as international Female Escorts Service in Bangalore at a very reasonable rate. Nothing can compare to the services and other give aways that offered by our company. There are many perks of opting for our services as compared to what others might promise to offer at the same price. Consider Paid Sex Club as an ultimate destination for finding a high profile independent escort in Bangalore. Our services are offered as per the discretion of the girls who associate with us.

Our motto is to dedicate our services to the satisfaction of the clients of our escorts in BANGALORE. We prefer being known as the agency that refrains from considering money as the only thing thing in our priority list. Yes, we do agree that money is important to experience a top notch escort service in BANGALORE; however, it is of no use to us if our clients are not satisfied. This is exactly why we might be the only agency that has almost 100% positive reviews from our clients. We have consistently taken notes and have been upgrading ourselves constantly for almost a decade now. We can very well assure you that the decision of hiring our escorts in BANGALORE will be the best decision of your life.

Escorts agency in BANGALORE

If you are in search for the best top class escorts agency in BANGALORE, we are sure that it is pretty tiring process and can get frustrating as well. It is very easy to get negative under the given scenario where everyone is under the pressure of providing they're families their daily bread. As difficult as it might sound, our company endeavours to supply the best escorts in BANGALORE assuring 100% satisfaction.

Our company selects escorts from BANGALORE vigilantly. Our priority is not just their looks but also how friendly they are when it comes to dealing with clients. Our escorts comprise of a complete package, with sexy and curvy body, milky boobs, ass that has a perfect round as if it were sculpted from a perfect mould and lips that can fulfil anyone’s fantasy. These are more like assorted chocolates, where every flavour has a peculiarity with a unique selling point; however, the pack would be incomplete without the added ingredients.

Our call girls in BANGALORE are extremely flexible with a craving for something that is new and innovative. They will ensure that you are 100% satisfied and content while giving the chk. To have an everlasting intercourse where everything that you think and believe can be brought to life, we recommend getting in touch with our representatives to help you hook up with the best escorts in BANGALORE. Our long lasting relationship with our beloved clients is something that makes us stand out from the rest. It is this consistency in delivering outstanding service that helps us in shaping a healthy relationship with our clients.

For those who are in need of something beyond the regular, we suggest going for the option of an international escort in BANGALORE, the one who has firm goods and can very well satisfy an animal. These can rightly be termed as the greatest pleasure machine that anyone can possibly imagine. No wonder why our company is flooded with demands for Russian call girls in BANGALORE.

We can very well boast that all our escorts’ hail from trustworthy sources, especially our VIP Escorts in BANGALORE who have their own specialty. All our escorts are available from corner to corner on all social media platforms. They can very well indulge in seductive conversation just before the pleasure trip. Any person who desires to enjoy or seeks to aim an exceptionally clear-cut headway that can give him a chance to get high of sex talks and wants to get turned on can contact us. We can get you connected to the appropriate escorts in BANGALORE who can match your character within no time. When the primary get-together between you and the High profile Escorts in BANGALORE is approved, we also let our clients exchange numbers with the seductress who is about to get the most out of the intercourse in the following night.

Regardless of how sensitive you are, we are capable of creating pleasure trips that are capable of going a long way. Our escort services in BANGALORE can hit the right chord in the most efficient way. It is time to stop holding your lust; show off your adulthood, because our girls are competent enough to take it. No alpha male or a part-timer will ever go displeased. Our connections can give you the best deal in town. They will keep in mind all your likings and bring the best girls, the ones who can undeniably be termed as your ideal BFFs. These independent escorts are the ones who have made the majority of their tempting skills to entice men of all type. Our company has created a huge impact and has left a mammoth of a mark in the world of escorts to in turn be known as one of the top most escort service provider in town when it comes to satisfaction

For us to maintain a set customary when it comes to quality, we at Paid Sex Club coach our escorts on regular basis. We also get call young girls from around the globe who shares their knowledge and finest practices to motivate the existing talent. This is just a little something that we do to help keep our celebrity escorts in BANGALORE on their toes. Speaking of escorts in BANGALORE, the first thing that comes to our minds is independent housewives who hold a high earning potential with a pleasing capacity of a tigress. That is what our company is always on the lookout for, which is finding an ideal lady who is a housewife during the daytime, but a naughty hooker by night. These independent escorts in BANGALORE come in first-rate and superlative options all wrapped in lust, ready for you to explore the fragility gradually and progressively.

For those who enjoy lynching on to the bhabis or have a craving for voluptuous milky women, we have just the thing for you. It does not matter if the demand is on a weekday or on a weekend. For us it is all the same. Our Paid Sex Club in BANGALORE ensure that each client moves out with a smile on his face. While other escort services in BANGALORE only care about getting the work done, we believe in going an extra mile and getting the much needed delight out of the services.

Escort services in BANGALORE

Our obliging and gracious receptionists are accessible from 10am till late night to help you in finding exactly what you are looking for. Our main goal is to find the most desirable girl for you, the one who is Miss naughty yet equally sexually active. All our lovely escorts in BANGALORE adore their job and will by no means to rush through you, so why not make a choice and pick up your phone now; they are looking forward to your call!

Incall and Outcalls:

Your selected escort will be delighted to entertain you at the nearest hotel which is easily accessible to you or their apartments. All our escorts in BANGALORE are located within CITY area and have clean modern apartments of their own.

When it comes to outcall sessions, plenty of our clients prefer conducting their business in an impartial location. These locations are typically motels or hotels somewhere amid the client’s location and the escort in BANGALORE’s location. Rendezvousing with a gorgeous, seductive lady of the night can be a very compelling experience; it adds a little wicked edge to the dealings.

Outcalls for our escorts in BANGALORE takes a minimum of an hour. Visits to your hotel or home where you can spend valuable time alone with the ladies of your choice are just a call away.

Our company offers an extensive choice of escorts whose costing is amongst the most viable in BANGALORE city area. For accurate and broad details of fee structure, please refer to individual web pages. For longer bookings and any particular necessity, we request you to converse with our operator. Payment conditions are pretty flexible. We accept all modes of payments, cash, account transfer, PayTM and other wallets. Our company’s policy believes in comforting the clients and in and out of bed.

Booking process:

Once you have chosen the escort in BANGALORE of your preference, kindly telephone our executive to arrange the booking as per your convenience. Kindly note that bookings made in advance will be subject to confirmation by phone before a prearranged closing date on the day of the job. Failure to verify on time may result in cancellation of the booking which means that no matter how important the booking might be, it will not be honoured if it does not abide by the above condition.

Our PAID SEX CLUB service operates from 10:00AM until late night, however, please note that not all escorts are available at all times. Our executive will be pleased to verify the accessibility of your selection. Each escort in BANGALORE is aware of how vital timekeeping is and we would ask that clients also give due deliberation to their promptness. Should you be running late for a liaison please call up our executive and inform us in advance with your anticipated time of arrival. Please note that in the case of a late arrival in excess of 15 minutes ladies reserve the right to revise or cancel a booking. And last but not the least, all our escorts in BANGALORE are gracious, well-mannered and discreet and will ensure that all our clients are treated with respect. We request you to treat them in the same manner.

We will welcome your remarks on any part of the service provided by us or our Escorts!

Kindly e-mail your comments to us.

A perfect travel companion:

Often, our escorts in BANGALORE here at Paid Sex Club go above and beyond to please their client’s expectations. In addition to providing erotic services, many Divas also offer themselves as date companions, dinner partners, or simply some arm-candy for those attending business events or corporate affairs.

In years gone by, there has been a decisive factor that defined beauty; a standard to which all the lovely dolls were measured. More often than not, such important terms were given to those top-heavy fair-haired ladies with seductive smile with sufficient curves to stand out from the mass.

The Bangalore region has always been a location which is synonymous with prosperity and wealth. It’s a quiet housing area situated between the in South Indian state of Karnataka (landmarks of the location. It’s one of the most desirable areas due to its privacy and its spell bounding landscape.

Escort services in BANGALORE

Gratification is always essential in order to spend moments of bliss and happiness. So, enjoy the company of your BANGALORE dating escort to the fullest. She is going to put every effort for your satisfaction and enjoyment. If you can enjoy her service whole heartedly, then automatically those moments would turn out to be unbelievably fascinating.

The curvy escort girls of the Bangalore escorts agency are some of the most overwhelming and ideal female companions to deal with. They are always brilliant in ensuring utmost client contentment. These are some of the horniest divas with whom you can enjoy some over the top pleasurable moments. So, for a few erotic hours of darkness filled with sexual activities, choose to enjoy the companionship of curvy figured Bangalore escort babes.

The pleasure seeking men living in and around the city of BANGALORE are always excited to enjoy moments of real charm and inner satisfaction with horny females for utmost leisure and tremendous enjoyment of all sorts. The fun and affectionate men are tremendously fond of enjoying weekends and pastime in an unusual and erotic way. Hence, they at times opt for the out call and in call services offered by the sexy Escorts in Bangalore. The super professional babes are always there to come up with mind-blowing gifts and seductive encounters in order to keep the clients in a happy state of mind.

If you are looking for some amusing camaraderie services offered by specialised beauties, then getting contacting the young at heart and astounding Bangalore escort girls will always help you enjoy moments of real seduction to the fullest.

Understanding the needs of our clients is one of our specialties. It is because of the increasing demands of our clients that we have ensured that we maintain a variety of call girls of different shapes and sizes. BANGALORE escort call girls consists of girls who intend to keep you busy with their tricks. The best part about our girls is that they will never say no to anything. Getting laid and getting paid is what they believe in.

Our roster also consists of celebrity escorts, the one who are capable of servicing our clients in a variety of ways. Submitting their bodies for all sorts of fantasies is again one of their occupations. Obviously, it will be a bit costly, but worth every penny. Business men from every walk of life prefer booking celebrities only to complete their bucket list and we are here to fulfil their request.

Don’t think too much, call us today.